The Fastest, Simplest, Most Intuitive Way
To Optimise Your Amazon PPC

AdRazor Amazon PPC Optimization
The Effect Of AdRazor On A User's Monthly Profit From Amazon Ads

The Fastest, Simplest, Most Intuitive Way

To Optimise Your Amazon PPC

AdRazor streamlines your Amazon ad strategy, pinpointing profitable and wasteful search terms with our intuitive, color-coded analysis.

Quickly eliminate loss-making terms by uploading them directly to your Amazon Ads account as negative matches, ensuring they won’t incur costs again. 

Simplify decision-making and optimize your ad spend efficiently.

What Does AdRazor Do For You?

  • AdRazor analyses your Amazon advertising at the search terms* level – the only level that enables you to truly identify the phrases which are profitable and which are wasting you money.
  • It displays the data in the simplest, most intuitive, colour-coded format, making decision making easy.
  • You can sort and filter the data to select all of your loss-making search terms in a matter of seconds, easily creating an excel file in Amazon-approved format to upload to your Amazon Ads account.
  • All of the loss-making terms you upload will be added as negative matches, meaning that they won’t display (or cost you money) again.

* Search terms are the words that Amazon customers type into the search box – the terms that are triggered by your keyword and match type selections.

Your Ads Are Safe, 100% Of The Time

AdRazor does not make any changes to your live advertising.

You cannot break anything!  Analyse and experiment with your data as much as you wish without worrying that you might do something wrong.

Instead, AdRazor lets you easily create a bulk file (in Amazon preferred format) which you can review if you wish(it’s an Excel spreadsheet) and, when you’re happy, it takes just a couple of clicks to  upload it to your Amazon Ads account.


It's Fast! Do In Minutes What Currently Takes Hours

Imagine if you could highlight and isolate all your search terms with an ACOS that’s too high… in under 60 seconds….

… setting different maximum ACOS levels for each of your products…

… and then select all your search terms which are costing you money but generating ZERO SALES… again in under 60 seconds.

With AdRazor, your regular Amazon Advertising account maintenance takes minutes not hours… and in-depth analysis does too.

Flexible Yet Incredibly Intuitive

Use AdRazor’s powerful filtering to analyse your Advertising data to unearth the profit-generating gems within your Campaigns.

Plus quickly highlight the search terms which are either too expensive or costing but generating ZERO SALES… over whichever time period you choose.

So you increase the profits from your existing campaigns and future campaigns alike.

Don't Make The Expensive Mistakes That 99% Of Amazon Advertisers Make Without Realising

Amazon treats singulars and plurals as the same. And it ignores “stop words” such as “of”, “for”, “and” etc.

That’s good when setting up ads because it means they will automatically show for closely related search terms… even if you select EXACT match.

But it also means that, unless you see your data as Amazon sees it, you could accidentally make very expensive mistakes. If you block any of the variations you’ll block all of the ads (even the really profitable ones).

AdRazor fixes that.

Unlimit Your Ad History - Unlock The Power Of Context

Forget the 60 day limits to the data that you can analyse.

AdRazor downloads your data (the maximum 60 days that Amazon allows) when you sign up… and automatically adds your new data every day.

By the end of your 30 day trial you’ll have 90 days of data to analyse… with colour coded monthly data making trend spotting simple.

Never again risk making a critical decision from an all-too-brief 60 day snapshot.

Your history will become your constantly expanding unique competitive advantage.


You're In Total Control, 100% Of The Time.

AdRazor makes no changes to your live Amazon Advertising account so you’re always in control.

Don’t worry about making accidental changes to your live Amazon data… you can’t and you won’t.

Instead AdRazor automatically creates a Bulk Upload file for you, in the Amazon approved format. You can review in your favourite spreadsheet program and then upload it in seconds via your Amazon admin screen.

Only then will your changes go live.

So you can dive into your data as much as all you like… always with total peace of mind.

"Enjoy the results you'd hope for from a top agency... without the cost"
Manage your account in as little as 7 minutes per week (or less)... and never have to download another "do I really have plough through all this" 100,000+ line Amazon Advertising bulk spreadsheet ever again.