About Us

At AdRazor, we understand the challenges of maximizing profits from Amazon advertising because we’ve been through them all.

Our founders started selling on Amazon.co.uk in 2011 and began advertising in 2013, eventually achieving 7-figure sales from Amazon ads alone.

We became an Amazon Vendor in 2016 and created the leading product range in our niche on Amazon.co.uk, as well as the UK’s top ecommerce store in that space.

In the early days, advertising on Amazon was easy with minimal competition and low costs. We didn’t need to optimize our ads – they were profitable so we let them run. However, as competition increased, our Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) skyrocketed and we needed to get smarter about optimization.

We tried using Amazon’s native tools to stop campaigns and ad groups with high ACoS, but found this caused overall profitability to drop as we were shutting off productive keywords along with the losers. Analyzing spreadsheet data helped but was cumbersome and error-prone.

Determined to crack the code, we embarked on an iterative process to build a tool that could quickly optimize our Amazon ad campaigns for maximum profit. After many revisions, AdRazor was born.

With AdRazor, we can effortlessly optimize existing campaigns while getting insights to launch new ones more profitably. We can be more experimental with strategies like auto campaigns, quickly shutting down losing keywords while negative-targeting from the start.

As one of our product managers (and Star Trek fan) puts it, “With AdRazor, we can boldly go where none of our competitors have gone before!” Maximizing returns from Amazon advertising is now fast and easy.