Amazon Listing Optimisation Tool

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Ranking your product high on Amazon search is critical to maximising your profitability.  But how does Amazon SEO, and its famous A9 algorithm truly work? With our free Amazon listing optimisation tool you can see how top products achieve their lofty positions.  

Simply paste in the title and bullets of a product that ranks highly for your target search term… and see exactly:

That gives you a great recipe to use with your listing.  Then try running the title and bullets analysis for your listing to see where it needs changing.

Pro Tip: Amazon generally ranks higher selling products first.  So if you target a product that ranks above yours but sells less (ie a higher BestSeller Rank) that would suggest a better optimized listing…

Amazon Listing Optimisation Tool

Analysis Of The Product Listing

Most Used Words

2 Word Combinations

3 Word Combinations

4 Word Combinations

There are many factors which influence the position of your ASIN in the product listings. Off-page factors such as product sales, the number and social proof in the form of ratio of positive reviews to negative reviews play a major role. 

The content on your product page enables you to maximise the potential visibility for potential customers and, as a result, optimise sales of your product and your conversion rates – in many cases it is possible to out-rank items which sell more by the use of relevant keywords in the:

  • product title
  • bullet points
  • product description
  • A+ content
  • backend keywords

By using our Amazon listing optimisation tool, and implementing the search terms which work for the top performing products in your niche, you can ensure that your most valuable listing real estate, the title and bullets, are performing for you to their full potential. 

And to ensure that your listing complies with Amazon’s regulations you can use our search terms length checker and title character limit checker too… they’re both 100% free.

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