Why We Created AdRazor

Dateline: Q4 2017: we’d just passed £1 million Amazon sales from Amazon Advertising alone.

But, just as with AdWords several years before, things were changing . . . more competitors . . . higher costs per click  . . and search terms which previously had been profit goldmines were now losing money.  

We knew that our Amazon Ads were key to maximising the potential of the incredible (and becoming more powerful by the day) Amazon sales machine.

We needed to take control of our Amazon Advertising account.

We needed to take full control of our Amazon Advertising… and to make it quick and easy

We searched for a solution which was:


Optimising Amazon Advertising shouldn’t need to be so complicated.


We needed to be able to run our regular Amazon Advertising analysis in minutes not hours.

Intuitive and Understandable
For too long we’d been using our “expertise” with Excel filters to process the mind-numbingly large 100,000+ row Amazon Advertising reports and highlight the search terms where we’d been making zero sales or where our ACOS was too high… only to find that our results got worse not better.

We needed to understand what was happening, why… and to see clear what we needed to do to make our advertising more profitable.

We knew that optimising our existing advertising was just the tip of the iceberg.

A Solution Which Puts Us In Control Of Our Amazon Ads

We needed to regain control of our Amazon Advertising because, at times, it felt like an untamed animal.

But also we didn’t want to pass the control of our Amazon Advertising budget to an algorithm that we didn’t understand and which made changes to our account automatically.

We had to be in control.

We couldn’t find a solution which ticked more than 2 or 3 of those boxes at best… so we built it ourselves to optimise our own Amazon Advertising.

We’ve been using it… and constantly refining and improving it even since. And now we’ve decided to make it available to you.