WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?: 2 Minute Summary

AdRazor is deliberately different from other Amazon PPC solutions. Here’s how, why… and how that benefits you.


It focuses solely on optimising your product advertising – showing you simply, clearly and incredibly intuitively exactly what you need to do to make your advertising more profitable. And it’s quick – a comprehensive analysis takes minutes.

You’re In Complete Control

Your advertising is 100% safe – AdRazor does not make any changes to your account automatically. You’re in complete control at all times.


AdRazor strips out all unnecessary complications. It doesn’t try to be a jack-of-all trades so you won’t be bombarded with confusing screens when you sign in.


From the moment you sign in the process is simple.  You can run a comprehensive analysis of your advertising account – which would otherwise take hours at best – in well under 10 minutes.

Shows You Your Data As Amazon Sees It

AdRazor shows you the true values of your search terms as Amazon views them.  You can see exactly how those true values are calculated – there are no secret AI algorithms just a thorough understanding of how Amazon Ads really work, displayed in a flexible, clear and incredibly intuitive way.  And you can use that knowledge to improve your future campaigns as well as optimising your current advertising.

true search term values

This screenshot from AdRazor shows all of the variations of “chocolate hamper” in Amazon’s eyes. They are what you’d see in an Amazon Advertising Report spreadsheet. If you add any of them as negative search terms (even as exact match) then you block them all.

That’s why AdRazor shows you the values for the “consolidated search term” i.e. taking into account all of the variations:

consolidated search term values

Clear & Intuitive

Your data is clearly displayed onscreen, traffic-light colour coded according to your target ACOS levels.  And if you follow AdRazor’s recommended AdGroup structure of 1 product per AdGroup then you can even make decisions at the product ACOS level.

Your Competitive Advantage Grows Every Day

Your database starts with the initial maximum 60 days of data that Amazon makes available.  And each day after that your database grows as AdRazor adds the new data it downloads, making your advertising history an increasingly powerful and valuable asset.

You can analyse any time period within your AdRazor data allowing you to make better, more profitable decisions than you can with a 60 day snapshot.

select history timescale

Imagine what a competitive advantage being able to analyse years of data would give you. e.g. which search terms should we be running for our seasonal products this Christmas?

Never Again Risk Making Hasty Decisions Due To Lack Of Context

And you can take all decisions with the benefit of context since AdRazor shows you a colour-coded (according to your global or product-level ACOS targets) monthly history for up to the last 12 months, allowing you to spot trends easily and making seasonal analysis simple.


 To Confirm: You’re In Total Control… Always

Once you’ve completed your optimisation AdRazor creates an Amazon format Excel spreadsheet of negative search terms which you can review (if you wish) and then upload to your Amazon Advertising account.

 export keywords to bulk

Only then do your changes go live so there’s never any danger of making unintentional changes.