Find answers to common questions about AdRazor, including how to get started, manage multiple Amazon accounts, store advertising data, and more.

Discover how AdRazor can optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns effortlessly.

Can I disconnect AdRazor from my Amazon data if I cancel?

Should you ever wish to stop AdRazor from being able to access your Amazon Advertising data you can do so by logging into your Amazon Advertising account at this url: https://www.amazon.com/ap/adam

Click on the “Remove” button and AdRazor will no longer be able to access your data.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply follow the onscreen instructions and you will be asked to allow AdRazor to connect to your Amazon advertising account so that it can download your data using the Amazon API (data feed).

Can AdRazor manage Amazon Advertising accounts in multiple countries?

Yes… but currently only those countries which use English as the primary language.

Can AdRazor manage both Vendor and SellerCentral accounts?

Yes.  You can even analyse your data across your Vendor and SellerCentral accounts at the same time, combining the data if you wish.

Where can I see the data that matches what I see in my Amazon Advertising account?

You can find this data under the “Raw Search Terms” tab.  AdRazor does not use this raw data format to make any decisions because it does not take into account the effect on related search terms.  The “Raw Search Terms” tab allows you to see an overview of your keywords and product targeting.

The main location for decision making in AdRazor is in the “Consolidated” tab.

For how long can AdRazor store my Amazon Advertising history?


When you first subscribe to AdRazor we will use the Amazon Advertising API to download your current data. At the time of writing this (August 2021) Amazon makes your last 2 months of data available via the Amazon Advertising API so, for example, if you subscribe on 1st August we will be able to store your data back to the preceding 2nd June.

From then onwards we will update your account with your most current Amazon Advertising data on a daily basis.

So the power of your account… and the insights that you can get from your history… grow each and every day.

Is there any risk to my Amazon Advertising account?

Absolutely not.

AdRazor does not make any changes to your live account whatsoever, without your input.

You can download the changes that you make in AdRazor in a spreadsheet which is in the format Amazon requires for you to be able to bulk upload if to your Amazon Advertising account. You can then review the spreadsheet if you want to before uploading it to Amazon… after which time your changes will be live.

Can AdRazor access any of my other Amazon data via the API?


The Amazon Advertising API only gives AdRazor access to your advertising data.

It cannot, for example, see your Amazon sales data.